jQuery Mobile events

Some references for jQuery Mobile events.

Here’s a list of events from jQueryMobile 1.2.1

Here’s a great diagram to show the lifecycle of events:



Update: A fellow coder has an excellent and very thorough set of sequence diagrams for events (in jQM 1.4). Please check it out here


4 thoughts on “jQuery Mobile events

  1. Omar says:

    As of jQM 1.4, page events (life cycle) has changed, but major ones remained as is. Check my post if you decide to upgrade to 1.4 http://jqmtricks.wordpress.com/2014/03/26/jquery-mobile-page-events/ good luck 🙂

  2. kanesee says:

    I’m actually using jQM 1.3 in my project because of a style theme built just for 1.3. If I can get it to work in 1.4 or find some other theme, I’ll definitely be upgrading to 1.4

    • Omar says:

      You can upgrade themes as well. I do recommend JQM 1.4, however, the only drawback is the new pageContainer events. Regarding performance, it is much better than successor versions. DOM manipulation has been improved due to the reduction of inner elements which holds styles.

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