Infinite Scrolling and its Infinite Considerations (or at least a few of them)

Smashing Magazine has a nice article about considerations before you implement the trendy Infinite Scroll UX. The article, entitled Infinite Scrolling: Let’s Get To The Bottom Of This, leads the reader through the Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Infinite Scrolling.

…and if you decide that you want Infinite Scrolling on your website, here’s a jquery-plugin that I found easy to use: jquery-endless-scroll


After experimenting with the jquery-endless-scroll plugin above, I no longer recommend it. I ran into an issue that was discovered by someone else earlier on Apr 20, which has yet to be addressed. The issue is that this Infinite Scroll plugin does not work if you have any <div> tags in your list, which are hard to avoid in most real-world applications.

I’ve commented that the simple fix/hack is to comment out a line of code in the library, but it disappoints me that the author has not personally addressed it in an appropriate way. I believe the plugin may be no longer supported.

Without a good alternative, I implemented Infinite Scroll from scratch.
Check out my jsfiddle.

Update 2

Though it was simple enough to get infinite scrolling working on my laptop’s browser, apparently, mobile browsers don’t work the same way.

I struggled particularly with the issue here.

Thanks to a commenter, an answer was found here.


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