Dockerizing a Nodejs app

A quick tutorial on how to dockerize your nodejs app.

I have a nodeapp contained in a folder called myNodeApp. Here’s what the folder structure looks like

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 2.35.41 PM

Under myNodeApp, create a file called Dockerfile. Here are the contents of that file

FROM node:latest
COPY . /app
CMD node server.js

If this directory is a git repo, like mine is, then you will want to create a file called .dockerignore to prevent your git info from being dockerized. Here are the contents of .dockerignore


My app takes configuration settings so one way to do that is through environment variables which you can pass in when you create the container. You can use the -e flag to pass in environment parameters but I prefer to use a properties file.

So I created a docker.env file with my environment properties.


Next we create the image. In the myNodeApp folder run:

docker build -t myNodeApp .

Now that you have the docker image, you can instantiate a container like so

docker run -t -p 3333:3333 --env-file ./docker.env myNodeApp

Remember you can start and stop your container with this command:

docker start/stop [container_id]

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